Rates For Job Posts
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Rates For Job Posts Thank your for your interest in NASCOLA's Employment Opportunities posting service. The following information provides you with all the information needed to post you opportunities on our website.


What we will require for the posting is the following information:

  1. Job title.
  2. Description if the position is full or part-time, temporary or permanent.
  3. Summary of the position.
  4. Link to the appropriate job posting page on your website for applicants to review the full details, and/or a PDF document (that applicants could print out) that outlines the job details for interested individuals.
  5. Link (e-mail address or webpage for your site) for applicants interested in applying.

The rates that NASCOLA has set for employment opportunity postings are as follows:

NASCOLA Member Institutions

$200 US for postings of up to 4 weeks, additional charge of $30 for each extension period of up to 4 weeks.


$300 US for postings of up to 4 weeks, additional charge of $50 for each extension of up to 4 weeks.

Members and Nonmembers:

Fee for making changes to the content of a current posting: $60 US

Prior to posting, you should contact NASCOLA with confirmation of the initial order (from the purchasing department of the institution wishing to post a job). Fees for extensions or changes are payable at the end of the posting.

We would need to review the proposed content of your job posting and suggest that a PDF document of the advertisement be posted so that interested individuals could download the posting. If your site is not a NASCOLA member but wishes to join, we could offer the discounted rate for the remainder of the current calendar year.

If you are interested, please let us know and we would be happy to send a quotation for the specific services that you require.