Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

A primary mission of NASCOLA is to provide external quality assessment for tests used to diagnose disorders associated with abnormal bleeding or thrombotic complications.  This will promote high standards of performance for specialized hemostasis and thrombosis laboratories in North America. In addition, the organization will foster educational and clinical research activities and communications between laboratories and other organizations that impact on hemostasis and thrombosis/thrombophilia testing.

  • Improve quality and standards of performance for the laboratory diagnosis of complex disorders associated with abnormal bleeding or arterial and venous thrombosis.

  • Develop guidelines for appropriate use and performance of laboratory tests, and interpretation of laboratory test results.

  • Provide a forum for critical evaluation of existing and new laboratory test procedures, instrumentation, and reagents.

  • Promote education on laboratory testing in hemostasis and thrombosis/thrombophilia to physicians, laboratory technologists, other health care professionals, and patients.

  • Collaborate with other national and international organizations focused on providing external quality assessment for hemostasis and thrombosis/thrombophilia testing.

  • Promote collaborative research activities among participating laboratories.