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Access to NASCOLA's Website

We welcome you to the NASCOLA website and hope you will find the information posted useful. Some of the information on the NASCOLA website is open to everyone and some pages that may be of interest include the Mission Statement, The Charter and Bylaws, the Officers and Committees Page, the Member Directory (which displays current members), and the Bulletin Board, which lists news items and other postings about NASCOLA. The home page contains a downloadable NASCOLA brochure, which gives an overview of the organization, in a form that can be displayed or printed.

By using either the menu, or the image on the homepage, you can also see a job listings page, with job postings from both member and non-member organizations across North America. If you wish to place an ad on the job postings page, information about rates can be obtained by following the appropriate link.

NASCOLA has Associate members, whose websites can be viewed by clicking on the corporate logo images in the Clotter's Links page.

Some of the information at the site is restricted for use by NASCOLA members. If you are already a member of NASCOLA, you can log in to the web site from any page at any time. Your log in status is diplayed on each page, and can be seen at the top of each page, or near the bottom of the home page.

If you are not a member of the organization, and would like to join, or would like to get more information about NASCOLA, you can either send email from your own email program, or fill out a form and it will be sent for you along with your request.